It Is NOT About Blueberries!

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I was washing my latest batch of blueberries from Chile for my future breakfasts. And then I noticed, “Grown with care” was the phrase on the container’s label! Why so much “care” for a blueberry? It is not feeling the “care”, yet we appreciate that the lowly blueberry was “grown with care”.

So….I thought. Why not create a t-shirt for the children in the kindergarten that states on the front of the t-shirt “Grown With Care”. Yeah, why not? It would be perfect! Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, and her staff spend a tremendous amount of time and energy caring for the young children in the program…yes, great idea!

If you do not know about Kyila’s program for her blind 3 – 5 year olds who receive an education and learn daily living skills to be ready to work on their academic education, then you need to get with the program! It is an unique program addressing the needs of this age group, 3 – 5 year olds, and on top of that, they are predominantly blind children with some sighted children also enrolled in the program.

The goal is to educate these children, yet to also educate the world about the abilities these blind children have to succeed to their future goals. Their perceived disability will not hold these children back thanks to the support received from the program they are in: Kiki’s Kids.

Get involved! Support Kiki’s Kids and with the help of Global Roots your donation can get to Kiki’s Kids too. Click here to know more about each program, and when clicking on Global Roots with a donation, please specify your dollars to go to Kiki’s Kids in Tibet.

Thank you!


New Playground Has Arrived!

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Spring is here in Tibet and that means the ground is not so cold. It has been smoothed over for the foundation to be readied for the new playground. As a result, thanks to Handicap International the children at Kiki’s Kids now have a playground to enjoy. Take a look at what fun these children are having as they jump around and enjoy the equipment! Opportunities to manipulate objects is a huge part of any child’s learning experience, more so for blind and low vision young people. Actually, anyone would enjoy this playground! Don’t you just wish you could join in too!

To help Kyila’s program develop further for more students, she is needing more classroom space; therefore, donations to Global Roots will help get the funds to Kyila. Kyila has such a unique program in Tibet. Besides there not being kindergartens, her Kiki’s Kids is for blind and sighted children who learn so much to be ready for their fist year in a school when they can begin attending. The playground is wonderful, but please consider too donating to Global Roots for expansion of her classroom space. Thanks. 

Readiness For Kindergarten in Shigatse, Tibet

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In the USA there are expectations of what a child can do by the time he/she enters kindergarten. For some fortunate children, they have the chance to participate in pre-kindergarten programs, usually enabling them to be even more successful by the time they attend kindergarten.

At Kiki’s Kids in Shigatse, Tibet, blind and sighted children have an opportunity to attend the first Tibetan kindergarten. Just as other learning environments, there are expectations. The founder, Kyila, was recently sharing with me the importance for readiness of students wanting to attend her program. While we as educators wish to invite and involve all young people, it is important for each child to be ready to get all they can from the available program.

Unfortunately Kyila had to turn a one year old away because the young person could not walk or talk. Suspicion is that the child had been tied to a bed so the parents knew the child was safe during the day; however, developmentally this has created issues for the child. With encouragement from Kyila, the parents will work with their child and know that when the child can walk and talk there is a better chance the child can join Kiki’s Kids.

To end with some good news: a 4 year old student is joining next week!

Please support kindergarten education in Tibet by donating to Global Roots and specify your interest in your donation going to Kiki’s Kids in Tibet. Thank you. Click Global Roots to donate.

Holiday for Students is Over…

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After 2 long cold months, students have returned to Kiki’s Kids in Shigatse, Tibet. Cold weather means high electric bills, just like others places in the world. Kiki’s Kids founder, Kyila, maintains a budget so a student holiday was best at this time of year.

The holiday allowed each student to spend time with his/her family. Most of the students live hundreds of miles away from their family. What great feedback Kyila received from family members after the students had been home. Family members shared with her their child’s improved confidence, their ability to eat properly and dress themselves. Kudos to Kyila and her staff who are teaching these young people to be so successful!

Please consider donating to Kiki’s Kids through Global Roots. Kyila’s work with her students allows each of them to be active participants in the world. If you can, please donate. Your donation will help pay the electric bill, the teacher salaries, and meet various needs to keep Kiki’s Kids a viable program for blind and sighted kindergarten-aged children in Tibet. Thank you!

Boiling Water Safely at Kiki’s Kids

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It is most common to boil water for cooking in Tibet with a solar cooker. Unfortunately this is not an option at Kiki’s Kids. Here the students are blind, except for a couple of sighted children. While trying to think of what the kindergarten program could use, a solar cooker is not one of the items.

However, the staff do need other items in their kitchen since 3 meals a day are provided to the 20 students plus staff. Anyway you can help with a donation will allow Kyila to help with those costs along with providing these children an education, especially regarding daily life skills. These skills ready them for their next level of education elsewhere in Tibet.

Please donate to Global Roots to help Kiki’s Kids. Thank you.

New Student at Kiki’s Kindergarten

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Kyila began Kiki’s Kindergarten knowing there was a need for young blind children to have a place that was safe, a learning environment and with a supportive feel. People are discovering her and they program she offers.

One old man came to visit her. He told Kyila of his 3 year old blind boy and Kyila suspects he will be a future new student.

A new student from Nagchu has just arrived. She became blind at one year old. Parents took her to a hospital and fortune teller, but no hope. Through Handicap International the family heard of Kiki’s Kindergarten and now that is where she is staying. She’s a bright 5 year old girl who loves to be with the youngest boy, Tsering. Fortunately Kyila’s program has a place for these young people to be!

Blind Students Visit Monastery

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Earlier this month I heard from Kyila. Last month, the students at Kiki’s Kindergarten visited the monks at Tsagya Monastery. Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kindergarten, spoke to the monks about her own background and the start of her program. They were so touched by her story they offered some of their own monies toward her goal. Tsering, the youngest boy at Kiki’s Kindergarten is sitting with one of the monks in one photo and the entire group of students is in the other photo.