It Is NOT About Blueberries!

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I was washing my latest batch of blueberries from Chile for my future breakfasts. And then I noticed, “Grown with care” was the phrase on the container’s label! Why so much “care” for a blueberry? It is not feeling the “care”, yet we appreciate that the lowly blueberry was “grown with care”.

So….I thought. Why not create a t-shirt for the children in the kindergarten that states on the front of the t-shirt “Grown With Care”. Yeah, why not? It would be perfect! Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, and her staff spend a tremendous amount of time and energy caring for the young children in the program…yes, great idea!

If you do not know about Kyila’s program for her blind 3 – 5 year olds who receive an education and learn daily living skills to be ready to work on their academic education, then you need to get with the program! It is an unique program addressing the needs of this age group, 3 – 5 year olds, and on top of that, they are predominantly blind children with some sighted children also enrolled in the program.

The goal is to educate these children, yet to also educate the world about the abilities these blind children have to succeed to their future goals. Their perceived disability will not hold these children back thanks to the support received from the program they are in: Kiki’s Kids.

Get involved! Support Kiki’s Kids and with the help of Global Roots your donation can get to Kiki’s Kids too. Click here to know more about each program, and when clicking on Global Roots with a donation, please specify your dollars to go to Kiki’s Kids in Tibet.

Thank you!


How about a flower garden at Kiki’s Kids?

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As I mentioned in the previous blog posting, we have hopes for a greenhouse to be constructed at Kiki’s Kids. A team to be hired to construct it, a local “Master Gardener” to be sure the garden is producing vegetables…..but also, FLOWERS!

No doubt the children will have enjoyed touching and smelling the vegetables as they grow, but to smell flowers…that will be wonderful! Can you imagine….well, let us….close your eyes and what do you smell right now? And then, recall the wonderful smell of the last flower you experienced. Now that was a positive smell….I am gambling on the fact the last flower you smelled was not skunk cabbage!

Anyway, here’s my point….greenhouse being built, vegetables being grown, why not flowers too? Yes they will grow flowers also for the students to discover the various scents of flowers as they come into bloom.

Please help make this project a reality. You can do so by donating to Global Roots so monies go to this project directly. It is Global Roots organization that is over-seeeing this project. Click on Global Roots to donate. Whatever you can give will be of great help.

Thank you.

A Vegetable Garden at Kiki’s Kids?

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Why not?

Global Roots organization is currently fundraising so a greenhouse can be constructed at Kiki’s Kids. Since the growing season is so short on the Tibetan plateau (the largest plateau in the world), it is necessary to grow the vegetables in a greenhouse. Vegetables, along with daily rice and ox milk consumed by the children, would help diversify their meals.

Global Roots has a review and monitoring schedule for projects such as this, and all is reported in their annual report. In the meantime, when the project begins, a team is hired to construct the greenhouse and a local person is hired to serve as “Master Gardener”.

Want to support this effort? Please donate via the Global Roots link provided here. Click on Global Roots.

“Won’t Back Down”, the Movie

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Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids in Shigatse, Tibet, would find this movie, “Won’t Back Down”, interesting if she had the opportunity to view it. Aside from potential discussions about unions vs non-unions, charter vs public school education, the reinforcing message is one of women making a difference in providing and/or allowing education for children. True to Kyila’s success, she was once the young woman with entrepreneurial skills being brought to a community for the betterment of all. Once again it comes back to a woman, such as Kyila, educating children so they have  brighter futures.

Let me remind you. Kyila’s family allowed her to attend the Center for the Blind in Lhasa, Tibet…many hours away from her home. The staff there provided her an education and she had with the opportunity to further her education beyond China. When she returned to Tibet, she had a goal to help 3 – 5 year olds, sighted and blind, to also receive an education and learn how to accept one another (this was unheard of before). Her graduates continue their education at the Center for the Blind or public education.

I know Kyila will not back down and even has dreams of creating more Kiki’s Kids throughout Tibet. Please support her goals by donating to Global Roots and specifying your support of Kiki’s Kids so your money reaches Kyila’s program. Thanks.

By the way, take the time to see the movie if you can, and then thank a good teacher you or your own children has had in the past years! Education is key!

Why Education Is Important For Blind Students Too

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Years ago, sighted and blind people may have thought blind individuals were limited to a few professions they could pursue successfully, but no longer! How exciting to see television’s “On The Road” program about a young New York State blind high school history teacher who is very successful in a public school classroom of sighted students. The teacher, Jim Hughes, is truly making a difference in the world of education and in the world of public perception of blind people.

We, who are advocates for Kiki’s Kids in Tibet, also believe in the power of a blind student becoming a leader, or a teacher, or whatever the individual dreams to be. Kyila, the founder of Kiki’s Kids who is also blind had a dream. Now Kyila is providing an opportunity for blind and also sighted kindergarten-aged young people to get an education so they each can matriculate to regular educational programs in Tibet as they grow older.

Help us keep Kyila’s dream alive as we soon celebrate the first anniversary of Kiki’s Kids in Shigatse, Tibet.  Please send a check to Global Roots, and designate it to Kiki’s Kids. Check payable to Global Roots at PO Box 28416, Portland, Oregon, 97228. Or click on the Global Roots name and donate directly. Your donation is greatly appreciated as we have more leaders arise in our world.

Thanks to Handicap International for Playground

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Handicap International is a US-based international non-profit organization with just part of its mission to ensure human dignity for poor and vulnerable populations. One could spend hours reading all about the various projects and goals of this organization, but we truly want to thank Handicap International for stepping up and providing the playground for the children at Kiki’s Kids in Tibet. There is no reason blind students cannot experience some of the same activities as sighted children.

But we must remember, we have to make the opportunities available. This is what Kyila’s goal is with Kiki’s Kids and wanting for her Tibetan young children. Never before had there been a kindergarten for blind and sighted children. Now there is and now is a time you can also help provide support for her ever-growing program. Please donate to Global Roots, and mention Kiki’s Kids, so the monies get to Kyila’s program in Tibet. Thank you.

New Playground Has Arrived!

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Spring is here in Tibet and that means the ground is not so cold. It has been smoothed over for the foundation to be readied for the new playground. As a result, thanks to Handicap International the children at Kiki’s Kids now have a playground to enjoy. Take a look at what fun these children are having as they jump around and enjoy the equipment! Opportunities to manipulate objects is a huge part of any child’s learning experience, more so for blind and low vision young people. Actually, anyone would enjoy this playground! Don’t you just wish you could join in too!

To help Kyila’s program develop further for more students, she is needing more classroom space; therefore, donations to Global Roots will help get the funds to Kyila. Kyila has such a unique program in Tibet. Besides there not being kindergartens, her Kiki’s Kids is for blind and sighted children who learn so much to be ready for their fist year in a school when they can begin attending. The playground is wonderful, but please consider too donating to Global Roots for expansion of her classroom space. Thanks. 

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