It Is NOT About Blueberries!

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I was washing my latest batch of blueberries from Chile for my future breakfasts. And then I noticed, “Grown with care” was the phrase on the container’s label! Why so much “care” for a blueberry? It is not feeling the “care”, yet we appreciate that the lowly blueberry was “grown with care”.

So….I thought. Why not create a t-shirt for the children in the kindergarten that states on the front of the t-shirt “Grown With Care”. Yeah, why not? It would be perfect! Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, and her staff spend a tremendous amount of time and energy caring for the young children in the program…yes, great idea!

If you do not know about Kyila’s program for her blind 3 – 5 year olds who receive an education and learn daily living skills to be ready to work on their academic education, then you need to get with the program! It is an unique program addressing the needs of this age group, 3 – 5 year olds, and on top of that, they are predominantly blind children with some sighted children also enrolled in the program.

The goal is to educate these children, yet to also educate the world about the abilities these blind children have to succeed to their future goals. Their perceived disability will not hold these children back thanks to the support received from the program they are in: Kiki’s Kids.

Get involved! Support Kiki’s Kids and with the help of Global Roots your donation can get to Kiki’s Kids too. Click here to know more about each program, and when clicking on Global Roots with a donation, please specify your dollars to go to Kiki’s Kids in Tibet.

Thank you!


Just One Person….

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Well once again I noticed a roadside sign board, again in the USA. This one: “It takes just one person to change one life.”

Ah yes! Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, shared with me she was taking the usual January-time holiday break….much needed time for herself, teachers and staff as they all have round-the-clock responsibilities with their 3- 5 year olds at the kindergarten. When Kyila returned from holiday, she shared with me that during some of her holiday time she had been in the very rural areas of Tibet visiting families. (Quite honestly, all of Tibet seems rural to me so I am almost wondering which direction very rural!) Once again, I know Kyila is dedicated to the cause and always seems to be focused on it…year-round.

Anyway, she visited a family with 2 blind children. Blindness is just the tip of the concern. Since they are not moving around they are becoming physically handicapped. They are the only 2 children in this family and so fortunate for Kyila’s help. She is working to get the 2 children to a doctor in Lhasa, and then if there is any hope for the children they will continue on to a hospital in China.

In this case, it is one person making a change in the life of TWO children…and their parents.

My hope is there to be less blind young children with the additional handicaps.

Thanks Kyila for your work!

Childhood, Oh So Precious!

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It was simply stated on a roadside sign board in the USA, “Their future is determined by their first 5 years.” As I read the statement my mind snapped to the children I had seen in Tibet in 2010, and what had also become the start of my journey to help a young woman realize her dream. She too knew the importance of the early formative years of every child needing a safe environment, good health, safe food and water, and a supportive loving family.

This young lady is blind and knew how fortunate she was to develop skills early on in life thanks to The Center for The Blind where she attended school…and it allowed her to learn at other institutions too. But most importantly she knew that some children are literally tied to a location in their home so they do not get hurt, yet with no social interactions and no movement, they also have not much of a life. Family members go on with their responsibilities but they have no way to care for the blind baby. Even if they knew how important the first 5 years of life are for a child, they have to eke out their own living to be able to provide their child with something!

Fortunately, Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, is most interested in helping the 3 – 5 year olds who are not getting all the necessary support they should receive from their own family. We who are interested in helping Kyila’s children and who  know every childhood is precious, try in our own way to support her efforts. Through donations to Global Roots, earmarked for Kiki’s Kids, much success has been happening to have these children have safe, healthy, and happy childhood! Please donate what and when you can to support Kyila’s efforts. All is greatly appreciated. If you can too, follow this blog to learn more about what is happening at Kiki’s Kids.

Thankful For….

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I have much to be thankful for each day. I often take time to remind myself of all I am thankful for because each day seems to fly by quicker than the day before. My parents were correct when they told me: time will fly ever faster as you grow older.

But today I am thankful for people such as Kyila in Tibet. Here is a young woman who is doing work I could never imagine myself doing. Thank goodness there are people different than me who do the work she does with the 20 three to five year old children. Otherwise, what would happen with these children who are challenged; some with no home or parents and some who are blind.

I am also thankful for humanitarian organizations such as Global Roots. People are taking time to fundraise so monies get to organizations such as Kyila’s Kiki’s Kids and most recently we want to help build a greenhouse. (You may have read previous blog posts about that from me.)

I am thankful for the food I eat, the bed I sleep in, my family and friends who support my individuality. I end each day thankful for what has happened in my life. Today, I am most thankful there are individuals united in our efforts to help the children at Kiki’s Kids.

Huge thanks to Kyila, her staff and teachers at Kiki’s Kids. Huge thanks to Rick at Global Roots.

You are all gratefully appreciated as you touch the world and make things better for many human beings! THANKS!

A Vegetable Garden at Kiki’s Kids?

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Why not?

Global Roots organization is currently fundraising so a greenhouse can be constructed at Kiki’s Kids. Since the growing season is so short on the Tibetan plateau (the largest plateau in the world), it is necessary to grow the vegetables in a greenhouse. Vegetables, along with daily rice and ox milk consumed by the children, would help diversify their meals.

Global Roots has a review and monitoring schedule for projects such as this, and all is reported in their annual report. In the meantime, when the project begins, a team is hired to construct the greenhouse and a local person is hired to serve as “Master Gardener”.

Want to support this effort? Please donate via the Global Roots link provided here. Click on Global Roots.

Really!?! Grow Vegetables in Tibet?

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Okay, here we are on the world’s highest and largest plateau…the Tibetan plateau…and we are discussing growing vegetables. Yes! At the 12,000 foot altitude, where farming can be a challenge due to the low oxygen, root crops and hardy, cool weather plants can grow.

Root crops, tubers, draw oxygen directly from the soil and are foods high in carbohydrates…a great food source for anyone. So we find plenty of these foods grown: cabbage, radish, turnip, carrot, potato, onion, daikon, and celery. Lowland farmers grow buckwheat, maize and rice. Cool weather crops are lettuce, spinach, coriander, peas, kidney beans and various squashes. There are places tomatoes and chili peppers can even grow.

Most recently, with combined Tibetan and Han Chinese technological workers, greenhouses are being built in the suburbs of some major Tibetan cities for more fresh fruits and vegetables to be available. What could a children’s garden at Kiki’s Kids grow? We will have to check that out. Also, check Global Roots garden projects. Click here a the Global Roots link to learn more.

What the Students Eat for Lunch and Dinner.

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Kiki’s Kids founder, Kyila, has her students eating nutritious breakfasts, as I described in an earlier post, and also for their lunches and dinners. Lunches are rice and vegetables; dinners are noodles and vegetables. In their learning environment, time is taken to teach them also how to properly wash their hands and what are appropriate table manners. These daily life activities are important for all young people to learn and use to function when with family, friends and the outside world which her young students are preparing for each day.

If you wish to donate monies to help Kyila with the food bills or the education of her young students, please donate to Global Roots and specify interest in helping her program, Kiki’s Kids. Just click on the Global Roots link here to do so. Thanks.

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